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Grilled BBQ Chicken and Pineapple Tacos - Worl Food Cuisine

Written By Mack John on Wednesday, 29 March 2017 | 00:35


  • 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts (about 8 
  • 1 cup BBQ 
  • 1 ripe medium pineapple, cut into 
  • 6 strips cooked bacon, 
  • 1 cup shredded pepper jack 
  • 2 jalapeos, 
  • 1 cup chopped purple cabbage   
  • 6 Old El Paso Stand 'n Stuff Soft Taco 
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
It is hot outside so we are trying to use our grill instead of our stove or oven. Of course, I break the rules to bake cookies, but I can’t help myself. I NEED cookies:)

Josh is the grill master at our house. He is always grilling up something tasty! His latest and greatest recipe are these Grilled BBQ Chicken and Pineapple Tacos. He used his favorite BBQ Chicken Pizza as his inspiration to create these delicious tacos. The tacos have all of the same flavors as his pizza

Taco night is always popular at our house. We love making tacos for dinner. It is always fun to change up the traditional taco with a new and creative recipe. Josh’s Grilled BBQ and Chicken Pineapple Tacos are full of fresh and fun ingredients!

First, he grills up some BBQ chicken and fresh pineapple. If you haven’t experienced grilled pineapple, you are missing out! It is so good and the perfect addition to Josh’s summer tacos.

Josh used Old El Paso’s Stand ‘n Stuff Soft Tortilla Shells to make the tacos. We love these hand held taco shells. All of the taco toppings fit nicely inside!

Josh stuffed the taco shells with grilled BBQ chicken, grilled pineapple, bacon, red cabbage, cheese, and jalapeño slices. He left the jalapeño slices off of Caleb’s taco. Caleb isn’t ready for spicy yet:)

Josh has a new favorite taco! He LOVED his Grilled BBQ Chicken and Pineapple Tacos! Caleb did too…he takes after his dad. He loves BBQ chicken and bacon! 👌

Keep the house cool and make Grilled BBQ Chicken and Pineapple Tacos on the grill! They are the perfect summer taco! And if you aren’t sure what to make for your 4th of July BBQ, give these tacos a try! They are sure to be a hit


  1. Place chicken breasts and BBQ sauce in a large Ziploc bag. Make sure the BBQ sauce is coating the chicken. Let sit for 15 minutes.
  2. Heat the grill to medium-high heat. Place chicken on grill. Grill chicken, without turning, for about 6 to 10 minutes, depending on the thickness of your chicken. Flip and grill until cooked through, or a thermometer inserted in the thickest part of meat registers 160 degrees, about 6 to 10 minutes more.
  3. While the chicken is grilling, grill the pineapple. Place the pineapple spears on the grill and turn them every few minutes until all sides are grilled and pineapple is tender.
  4. Remove chicken and pineapple from grill. Let cool to room temperature. Chop the chicken and pineapple into bite size pieces.
  5. Place chicken, pineapple, bacon, cheese, jalapeño slices, and cabbage into Stand 'n Stuff Soft Taco Shells. Season with salt and pepper, to taste. Serve immediately.

Try this at home give us feedback.

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